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About company

     UAB "VELTEKA" was established in 2007 in Klaipeda where the main Lithuanian multimodal transportation hub – Klaipeda seaport – is located. The company’s major activities are cargo forwarding through Klaipeda seaport, customs broker services and warehousing in Klaipeda.
     Our company specializes in providing services to forwarding companies and individual customers from Russia and CIS countries. Access to various international transport networks enables us to offer you forwarding agents’ services throughout the world.
     Lithuania is gaining ground as a trade intermediary between West and East year by year. Today transport is one of the sectors of the Lithuanian economy that is integrated the most into the European market. The international importance of the Lithuanian transport system has been proved by sustainable increase of the traffic flow. Lithuania is a transit country with a well-developed transport network.
     Lithuania is crossed by 6 European highways.
     The rail spur of the international transport corridor No. 9 (MTK # 9) "Kiev – Minsk – Vilnius – Kaliningrad/Vilnius – Klaipeda" runs in the west-east direction from Klaipeda seaport to Belarusian border. This is a unique and expeditious gate between European Union and CIS. Cargoes cross the eastern EU border here and continue their journey to Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. Cargoes are carried from Klaipeda to the south by the intermodal train "Viking" that is a joint project of Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Belarusian railways, stevedoring companies and the seaports of Klaipeda, Odessa and Ilyichevsk (Ukraine). "Viking" transports 20- and 40-feet containers, semitrailers and road trains (contrailers) shipped from Scandinavian and West-European countries to Klaipeda seaport.
        Klaipeda seaport has the most widespread shipping line network in the Baltics. Nowadays the port is connected with the other ports of the world by 30 constant shipping lines. Nine of them are ferry and Ro-Ro lines, which transport vehicles, containers and railway wagons between Klaipeda and German, Swedish and Danish seaports. This ensures good prospects for the increase in cargo flow between Russia, Belarus, CIS and West European countries via Klaipeda seaport, especially through the development of combined transports using railway services.
        Klaipeda seaport is the northernmost unfreezing port on the East Coast of the Baltic Sea that has well-developed railway infrastructure among other things. This is a multimodal, all-purpose, deep-water port with 17 stevedoring, ship repair and shipbuilding facilities providing the whole range of services related to shipping and cargo handling business. Klaipeda seaport is a leader in container transportation among the ports of the Baltic states.